Emma Sutherland, Executive Director

Emma Sutherland, Red Fox Executive DirectorRed Fox founder Emma Sutherland has used her degree in Women’s Studies from Simon Fraser University, several years of fundraising school courses from BCIT, and more than twenty-five years’ experience in the social recreation and advocacy fields to continually support individuals and families in Vancouver’s inner city. Her goal has consistently been to show Aboriginal people, people with disabilities and people on low incomes how to become more resilient, learn new skills, and become healthier by increasing their activity levels and expanding their horizons. Her biggest joy is seeing youth take on leadership roles in Red Fox and in the larger society.


Suki Chhoeun, Program Manager

Suki Chhoeun, Red Fox Program Coordinator

With a deep passion for leadership training and coaching, Suki joined the team in 2016. Armed with positivity, silly kinesthetic dance moves and a degree in Kinesiology, Suki has over 10 years of coaching experience. Suki truly believes in Red Fox’s model to serve, train and empower future leaders through physical literacy and mentorship.


Jeff Quach, Office Manager & Program Supervisor

Jeff Quach, Red Fox Office Manager and Program SupervisorJeff graduated from UBC in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. He joined Red Fox in 2015 after completing his Diploma in Accounting. Jeff supervises youth in leading Red Fox’s children’s programs, while managing the organization’s finance and administration needs.


Sarah Coxon, Communications Manager

Sarah Coxon, Red Fox Communications Manager

Sarah has a background in human rights and international development, with a master’s degree and over five years of experience working in the non-profit sector. Sarah joined the team in 2016 and manages all of Red Fox’s media and communications. She is passionate about building support for great causes and organizations through communications.


Cassie Tagseth, Program Supervisor

Cassie Tagseth, Program ManagerCassie first became involved with Red Fox through a School of Kinesiology course at UBC. She was inspired to contribute her knowledge and skills, and she began volunteering in 2013. She was promoted to Program Coordinator in 2014, followed by Program Manager, and became Program Supervisor in 2016. Cassie has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from UBC and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Education, specializing in Physical Education.



Program Coordinators

Verdann Evans

Verdann Evans, Red Fox Youth CoordinatorVerdann joined Red Fox in 2009 as a Youth Leader. She quickly became an integral member of the team and was promoted to Youth Management Intern in 2013, Assistant Coordinator in 2014, and Youth Coordinator in 2015. Verdann is Okanogan and Cherokee and shares her indigenous knowledge and pride with youth throughout Metro Vancouver.


Phabion Sutherland

Phabion Sutherland, Red Fox Youth WorkerPhabion joined Red Fox in 2014. He works with children and youth through the Red Fox Drum Group, Active Play, and Youth Leadership programs. Phabion has a strong sense of cultural identity and is passionate about helping Aboriginal children to feel proud of their heritage.



Lyndsay Sam

Lyndsay Sam, Red Fox Program CoordinatorLyndsay joined Red Fox in 2017 with a degree in Kinesiology from the University of the Fraser Valley. She is is an avid traveller, having backpacked through Central and South America and Southeast Asia. Lyndsay is passionate about health and recreation, personal growth and well-being, and enjoys running, hiking, biking, rock climbing and camping. Lyndsay is part of the Cowichan Tribes First Nations, and is excited to be promoting health and wellness to youth as part of Red Fox.


Program Instructors

Joseph Posey

Joseph Posey, Red Fox Youth Worker

Joe joined Red Fox through the Youth Leadership program. His skills, positive attitude and genuine passion for his work lead to his promotion to Youth Worker in 2014. Joe draws on his experiences as a previous Youth Leader to support young people in developing the confidence and skills they need to succeed in life.



Steven Pham

Steven Pham, Red Fox Youth WorkerSteven has been part of the Red Fox team for over 5 years. He works mainly with children through Red Fox’s Active Play program, and secures prize donations for the kids from local businesses. Steven’s favourite part of his job is seeing the happy faces of kids who come out to Red Fox programs and events.


Paul Welch

Paul joined the Red Fox programs team in 2016 as part of Active Play programming in North Vancouver. Paul has a background in recreation and childcare and is a strong supporter of Red Fox’s programs. He is a committed volunteer with the Red Fox Drum and PowWow Dance Group, where his children are regular participants. Paul is First Nations and can often be found drawing and making art.


A.J. Delorme (Culinary Programs)

AJ Delorme, Red Fox Culinary InstructorA.J. has worked in both kitchen and front-of-house roles at restaurants across the city. He brings a passion for food and extensive knowledge of food preparation, presentation and service. A.J. shares these skills by training Youth Leaders in the Red Fox Feasting program.



Kat Norris (Drum and PowWow Dance Group)

Kat Norris, Red Fox Drum Group and PowWow Dance InstructorKat is a First Nations Elder, social justice activist, community leader and educator, and leads the Red Fox Drum and PowWow Dance Group.