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Youth Leadership - Our Youth Leadership program gives Aboriginal and inner-city youth a unique opportunity to develop practical skills that help them to succeed in employment and in life. We create a supportive environment that empowers youth to build confidence, cultural pride and real responsibility and leadership, despite the challenges they face in their everyday lives.
Internships & Practicums - Red Fox’s Youth Worker Internship program provides a crucial bridge for Red Fox Youth Leaders who aspire to build their leadership experience into roles as Youth Workers. Youth Worker Interns get hands-on experience of everything that it takes to successfully plan and run Red Fox’s children’s programs, while receiving continued support and mentorship from Red…
Geocaching - Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt that uses smart phones and GPS units to help participants find hidden “caches” while exploring nature. At special events during the spring and summer months, Red Fox Youth Leaders show youth and families how to geo-cache at local and regional parks throughout Metro Vancouver.
Special Events - Red Fox creates fun and engaging recreational and cultural activities that bring together Aboriginal and inner-city children, youth and families at special community events throughout the year. Red Fox special event activities include Geocaching, Drum Group performances, Active Play sessions and more.