Do you remember the first time you were able to do something you thought you couldn’t do? Do you remember that surge of pride you felt? The look you probably had on your face is the look you can see on children’s faces at Red Fox Active Play programs in schools, parks and community organizations across Metro Vancouver. 

Elliot, one of our program coordinators shares, “to see these moments of courage from the children when they’re attempting to walk on stilts or try a new circus skill for the first time is extraordinary. When our youth leaders step into their own and have the confidence to lead group games or encourage a child to do their best, we see that the work we do is important.” 

Red Fox delivers 15 recreation and 4 cultural programs to 350 children and youth each week. Our staff receive ongoing messages and thank you notes from children and families who have benefited from having Red Fox in their schools and communities.

Parents share about how much of an impact Red Fox is making in their children’s lives. They see their children developing confidence and pride in their new accomplishments. They see their children feel like part of a team with a shared purpose. Hearing these stories fills the hearts of our staff, knowing that we are making a difference in so many children’s lives.

“These programs are really good for my son Ryan, we are a low income family and don’t have a lot of family ourselves so he doesn’t get the opportunity often to play with kids like this. He is much happier these days because of Red Fox.”

– Ryan’s Mom, Maple Ridge

“Since I got my bike from the bike program, I’ve been riding everywhere with my friends. We ride after school, and it’s so fun. Thank you for giving me my first bike, it means so much to me.”

– Dayton, 9 years old from Strathcona Elementary

Red Fox mentors youth from all backgrounds to overcome some of life’s hardships and challenges through the power of recreation, arts and culture. One of our strengths as an organization is that we adapt to the changing needs of the communities we serve. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic, children and youth need our support more than ever. They missed so many fun and exciting opportunities over the last two years. To give children and youth something to look forward to, we now take them out on recreation outings on school professional days. To help youth sift through all the information they get, Red Fox is launching a critical thinking workshop series for youth. The workshops will equip them with the knowledge and skills to make informed, healthy decisions for themselves and their communities. 

This is where you come in. There are children and youth we so want to help but can’t yet. They are on our waiting lists. With support from you, we can invite them to join us in fun, learning and service. Would you help us be there for them in 2022? Any amount will be greatly appreciated.